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Diverse Learning Environments



We accept infants beginning at 6 weeks of age. We understand that it can be difficult to leave your infant in someone else’s care. But rest assure, our trained infant teachers will build a bond of trust with you and your baby. They will provide your child with a warm, loving atmosphere. Your child will experience an environment of specialized learning. Our infants participate in art, music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and dramatic play activities. The teachers also use simple sign language to start communication.

Although the infant room follows a very flexible daily schedule, each child’s day differs depending on his or her needs. Daily communication with the teachers is strongly encouraged. We also provide an “All About My Day” sheet detailing the activities, meals, diaper changes, bottles and naps of each child.


Our toddler rooms are transitional classes between the ages of 12 months and 24 months. They are very busy little learner with lots of new things to explore. Our teachers channel that energy into things that help them to learn and grown. Teachers lead young toddlers through age appropriate activities to improve coordination, increase verbal and problems solving skills. More structure is introduced at this stage, because children begin to learn to sit and eat at a table, nap on mats and play more freely with each other. The toddlers begin to verbalize their needs and often test their boundaries with their teacher and classmates. Teachers encourage these children to begin to clean up, wash hands, and help out around the classroom. Our toddlers are also taught to use sign language and are encouraged to talk and sing to develop their verbal skills. The children begin to play in learning centers.  Toddler classrooms also have art, music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language, and dramatic play activities daily.

Boy Playing with Abacus

Two Years Old


Our two year old classes are between the ages of 24 months and 36 months. At this age children are inventors, problem solvers, discovers and dreamers. They learn about the world around them as they take things apart, put them together and ask lots of questions. Our two year old teachers follow the school curriculum and experience art, music, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, language and dramatic play activities daily. They also add sign language, simple Spanish, nutrition, math and simple science to their lessons. The children are encouraged to participate in class discussions and take on more responsibility in the classroom while keeping a strong sense of learning through play and socialization. We give them the guidance and the tools they need to explore and learn within a comfortable, secure environment. This room is also famous for being our “potty training room.” The children in this class are encouraged to use the potty during regularly scheduled diaper changing times, and we work closely with parents to train the child when he/she is ready. Our two year old class is the most structured room in our center. At this age, children are trying to learn many things at one time. Therefore, a scheduled routine is the key to this class success.

Three Years Old 

Our Pre-K 3 students are like sponges; they soak up knowledge. Their schedule is much busier with the addition of homework. Social, verbal, cognitive and physical skills are built through activities that engage our children. They are taught to be more independent and are expected to follow more independent routines, such as hand washing and preparing themselves for nap, on their own. We want our children to stay excited about learning. So while we increase the focus on math, science, language, writing, sign language, art, music, Spanish, sensory, nutrition, fine motor, gross motor and dramatic play activities, we make sure it’s presented with a big dose of FUN!



Our  Pre-K 4  children are 4 and 5 years old. Our Pre-K classes primary focus in getting our kids ready for Kindergarten. These classes have a Certified Early Education Teacher along with a Para Professional. Together, they utilize our school’s curriculum to develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills our children need to succeed in kindergarten, school and life. Their lessons deepen the understanding of basic academic concepts through exploration, investigation and play. We provide a place where children can challenge themselves and enjoy the thrill of discovery as they look forward to school. 

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