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Kids Playing with Lego


At Children's Palace Learning Academy, your child is encouraged to make decisions and choices, develop self-control and self-awareness, build pre-reading and pre-writing skills, and develop the ability to relate well with others. Activities are designed to promote fine motor skills, including hand eye coordination and spatial relationships, and large motor skills such as climbing, balancing, and throwing. Teachers serve as guides, preparing a stimulating environment, observing and interacting with the children while posing additional challenges to expand each child’s world.

What We’re All About

Health & Safety

Keeping our children safe and healthy is one of our most important tasks of CPLA. We are responsible for ensuring safety both inside and outside of our center.

COVID 19 Daily Screenings for children and staff

Staff COVID 19 Regular Testing


Health and Safety Curriculum

CPR and First Aid Certified 


We are also in compliance with the following agencies: 

 State of Louisiana Licensing 

State of Louisiana Fire Marshal Office

State of Louisiana Health Department 

State of Louisiana Food Program 

City of New Orleans Fire Department 

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